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eForce's first days at CzechRing!

7.8.2014 | author Jakub Dražan | translated by Stanislav Tomášek

eForce Prague Formula started it's run with first race - Formula Student Czech in Hradec Králové.

Team had arrived to circuit on thursday, we've immediatelly began to prepare our pit and done some final tweaks to our formula car FSE.03 which is going to take stand for it's prime position on victory piedestal amongst other teams' electric formula cars.

Friday was in spirit of technical checkups and static disciplines (engineering design report, cost report and business plan). New car passed without bigger problems and we had slowly but certainly passed through lenghtly technical checkup composed of both mechanical and electric portions.

Tilt test in which the car is tilted by 60° and cannot break away from pad was also passed without any problems.

Further on weight test, our formula FSE.03 called 'Chiara' was weighted at 277 kilograms (610 lb).

A smaller complications arose at raintest (car is sprinkled by water over period of 2 minutes). When we've accidentaly didn't plug in a connector correctly and been unable to finish checkup. But after quick search we had found the problem and our car passed with flying colours, ready for it's last test.

During final checkup, the brake test, pilot must stop car by blocking all the car's wheels, but can't deviate from a direct trajectory, i.e. can't roll.

This repport is being written from paddock (t's note - not translated :) ) with music blasting from starting party at SunPark, in grounds of Frestival Park, where public from wide neighborhood came. All participants of FSCzech have a free passes for entire party and we're curious, how our foreign colleagues will prevail on a true Czech party. During morning from around 8 o'clock, rest of technical checkups will be completed and first of dynamic disciplines are going to take place - acceleration on 75 meters and skid-pad.

Afternoon program is going to be packed with AutoX qualifications to sunday's Endurance race.

With our last words, we are inviting you to the race grounds at Hradec Králové to spend a great days with motorsport at FestivalPark!

Sending you the very best regards from Hradec Králové, your electric motorsport team - eForce Prague Formula!