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Dampening characteristics measurement

1.4.2015 | author Michal Medek

Dampers are important parts in vehicle suspension assembly and knowledge of their operating charasterictics is inseparable part of successful adjustment. Thanks to Dr. Pavel Steinbauer from the Department of Mechanics and Mechatronics, we have together with CTU CarTech team possibility of testing in department's laboratory.

The testing stand is equipped with controlled hydraulic valve and tenzometric force measuring. Input varies in throttle valve adjustment and in damper velocity.

The dampers we use are independently adjustable in 4 ways (slow and hign speed compression, slow and high speed rebound) and that's the reason why we can reach over 250 000 combinations of damping setup. The experience from the previous seasons helps us to measure and concentrate to the adjustments which we have used the most frequently.

Measured data are useful not only for the car setup when testing but also as the input data for dynamic vehicle model.