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Hungarian race continues!

21.8.2015 | author Stanislav Tomášek, František Pech | photo by Daniel Bukovský, Tomáš Majer, Stanislav Tomášek

Another day had passed and we're sending another report from hungarian Györ. We have finished our last report with unfinished information about continuing scrutineering and static disciplines. These are topics which will be focus of today's report.

Our report will start by completing low-voltage part of electrical scurineering. All of our thursday's problems have been solved and sticker from this part was ours without more effort.

Mechanical part of scrutineering started smoothly but scrutineers didn't like our brake pedal housing, due to it's low strength. When we figured out, that words wouldn't do the trick, we had to use welder in order to significantly strengthten base of brake pedal. In the end, we successfully solved all problems and another sticker was priding on our car.

A significant part of scrutinnering is the Egress test. It's purpose is to test pilot's speed of escaping formula in case of danger. Only one pilot is being tested from each team (tallest) and his task is to escape the vehicle within 5 seconds. On the begin of the test, pilot has to be fully seated with seatbelts fastened, steering wheel must also be fitted and pilot must hold onto it. This simulates real situation while driving.

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You cant find photographs capturing this day with static disciplines which took place in the morning. We are not very excited about results from these disciplines but they're very subjective and protests aren't accepted.