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Very dynamic day at FS Hungary

22.8.2015 | author Stanislav Tomášek | photo by Daniel Bukovský, Tomáš Majer, Stanislav Tomášek

We're welcoming you at the report from FS Hungary. This day was in name of dynamic disiplines. Our task was to complete rest of much needed scurineering.

After yesterday, in which we've completed mechanical and low-voltage scurineering, we continued with high-voltage scrutineering. This scurineering primarilly inspects traction system of the car. We have passed this scrutineering without big problems and another sticker was ours.

We've went across entire venue to take the Tilt test. Our car didn't leaked any liquids, nor lost any parts or deviate from platform, by this our car had passed the test.

Another scurineering was the Rain test. Tensions ran high, fortunately our car didn't electrocuted anybody, no error was signaled. This meant that Rain test was successfully completed.

Our last scurineering was "our favorite" Brake test. This test had sent us home from last year's FS Hungary competition. But this year was quite different and we've completed our Brake test without bigger problems.

Finalising scurineering meant that we can finally move onto dynamic disciplines. First finished dynamic discipline was Skid-Pad, all-wheelers have a distinct advantage in this discipline and our car with running time 5.1375s ended at 13. place.

Second finished discipline was acceleration. All wheels have burned into tarmac and car finished it's 75 meter run in 4.192s. This had brought us 15. place from acceleration.

Last dynamic discipline completed today was the AutoX (autocross). This discipline is a qualification into main racing event called Endurance. Before starting we've fully charged our batteries and done a thorough inspection of the vehicle. All of our efforts had been paid off with finishing time of 37.6s. This had given us 24. starting slot at main event (approx. 8th place).

Today's main event is the Endurance and we're curious how our car is going to fare in heavy international competition.

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