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Foiled ending of FS Hungary competition

23.8.2015 | author Stanislav Tomášek | photo by Daniel Bukovský, Tomáš Majer, Stanislav Tomášek

We're welcoming you at the last report from FS Hungary. The last day of competition is reserved for it's biggest event - Endurance a 22km long race.

Our car had some problems with pedals after yesterday's AutoX event. Having completed autocross rather successfully, we acquired 24. starting slot which has given us enough time for repairs.

After solving problems with pedals, another problem emerged. Electronic units of car couldn't comminucate properely via CAN bus. Time for entering race and solving all problems was getting shorter.

Announcer was already calling out name of our team for entering into Endurance. But unfortunately, even through our resolve to make our car working again, we weren't able to do it in due time and didn't enter the race.

Although we didn't enter the main race, we finally made our car working again and we were leaving Hungary with fully working car. In following days the car will be heavily tested and inspected 'till the upcoming race in Czech Republic.

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