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Having successfully entered the world of Formula Student Championship, the team eForce FEE Prague Formula has decided for a radical change. The power of its newest single-seater for the 2015 season is going to be transmitted to tarmac through all four wheels instead of just the rear ones.

The brand new FSE.04x racecar is equipped with four electric motors, which is going to move its handling to a whole new level, especially in wet conditions. The aerodynamic package modified according to the new 2015 rules of the championship, an entirely redesigned frame, new electronic systems - those are just a few of the innovations coming with the FSE.04x.

Conclusion of Baltic Open 2016

First take on Baltic Open 2016

Conquest of the America

Grill party in Lincoln – Beginning

[VIDEO] OTO - FS North

Barrie, Ontario – 4th day, day of victory!

Way to the victory

Barrie, Ontario - First day

Project OTO begins!

Mechanical aspects of FSE.04's accupack


[VIDEO][CZECH] CTU FEE's students Adam Podhrázský and František Pech have introduced the team's newest electric formula car in ČT24

[VIDEO] Compilation of FSE.04x 2015 racing season at FSCzech & FSHungary

Italian scrutineering is (not) fun

Sunday - Beginning of the end

Saturday - Dynamic day

Friday - Day of static disciplines

Foiled ending of FS Hungary competition

Very dynamic day at FS Hungary

Hungarian race continues!

FS Hungary - Day One

Only Full Gas!

FSE.04x construction

Weld strength testing

Torsional stiffness measurement

FSE.04x rollout report

Cable assemblies for FSE.04x

New traction accumulators for FSE.04x