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FSE.05 - Specifications

Frame (custom design)Sandwich-structure carbon-composite monocoque with main hoop made from high-strength chromium-molybdenum steel, welded using TIG method
Wheelbase1540 mm
Track (front / rear)1296 / 1230 mm
Vehicle weight (w/o driver)195 kg
Weight distribution
(front : rear)
48,5 : 51,5 %
Suspension (custom design)Independent double wishbone suspension of uneven length on both axles
DampersType pull-rod on both axles, Öhlins dampers
TyresFront - AVON 16x7 10"
Rear - AVON 16x7 10"
Rims (custom design)10" - carbon composite
MotorsFront - TG Drives M4 (2x9kW)
Rear - TG Drives N5 (2x47kW)
Motor controller
(custom design)
MiRy XBoss
Maximum RPM9000 RPM
Maximum power112kW at 7260 ot/min
Maximum torque836Nm up to 70 km/h
Transmission (custom design) Planetary gear (i=5,3) front
Planetary gear (i=5,62) back
Differential (custom design)Active electronic - each motor driven separately
Cooling (custom design)Water cooling of motors and power electronics
Brake system Disc brakes on all wheels, 2-circuit system
Adjustable brake force distribution
Front discs 195mm, ISA Racing calipers, radial mounting
Front discs 185mm, ISA Racing calipers, radial mounting
Battery (custom design) SONY Li-Ion 96s8p 11C 20,8 Ah - total capacity
Total energy 7,1kWh, nominal voltage 345V
Battery Management System (BMS)
Accumulator container - carbon/kevlar composite
Electronics (custom design) CAN Bus implementation
Active differential
Traction control /w dedicated accelerometer unit
Steering wheel & onboard controls
Intelligent Current Sensor (ICS)