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The 2016 had again pointed direction in which will developement of the only Czech electric formula continue. Concept encapsulating composite monocoque, independent drive of all four wheels and custom-deisnged electronics had proven itself to be a worthy competitor in international setting. This is why the FSE.06 will focus on refining every last detail.

Major emphasis in this season is on the handling/steering parameters simulations of the vehicle and exploitation of said simulations in the vehicle itself. These parameters will be most certainly empowered by more powerful and active aeropacket, reworked drivetrain cooling and fielding of swaybars.

New experiences gained in area of composite structures also allows us for further developement and manufacture of 10-inch carbon composite rims.

FS Czech 2017

FS East's dramatic ending

Formula Student East 2017 - The static disciplines day

Formula Student East 2017 - The first days

FSE.06 rollout invitation