Logo - eForce Prague Formula

Stanislav Tomášek

"Life is like uninitialized memory. You never know, what will you get."

E-Mail: stanislav.tomasek@eforce.cvut.cz
Web: http://www.stanlley.cz

University: Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Team position(s)

III.2016 - II.2017 IT Team leader
V.2015 - II.2017 Webmaestro & Server admin
I.2014 - II.2017 HW & SW Designer
IX.2013 - II.2017 IT Support


2015 - II.2017 eForce team's webpages
2015 - II.2017 "WiFiLog" datalogger
2015 - 2016 ECU Back - Upgrade to ARM microcontroller
2014 - 2015 "WiFiCAN" datalogger module for ECUF